About Us

I make my own bread every day and bake it in the brick oven. … I’m living my dream, to prove to people that the flavors are there in the fire. If you go to the ruins at Pompeii you will see ovens similar to mine, it’s an ancient flavor that cannot be duplicated in a modern oven or stovetop

Davide Manzo, chef and owner of Trattoria Rustica, was born and raised in Pompeii Italy. He is third generation of Cucina Napoletana. With Trattoria Rustica he has created an authentic Italian experience in the Berkshires: from the decor, built with his own hands, to the artful preparation of “Antichi Sapori”, the ancient flavors of Pompeii. He is passionate about his homeland, his culture and traditions.

As a child, Davide made the tragic “old city” of Pompeii his playground. It was there that he began his lifelong fascination with ancient myths and history.  This experience combined with the strong influence of his grandmother and grandfather, who owned and operated a trattoria on the Amalfi Coast, was the basis for his present endeavor. Davide immigrated to the United States in 1970 at the impressionable age of 15. He worked in construction while taking in the American experience always maintaining a firm connection to his family and roots.

He also worked alongside his sister and mother when they opened an Americanized version of a pizzeria. As he matured, he began recognizing the presence of a muse which would drive him to want to create an authentic experience, one that paid tribute to the masterful skill of presenting and preparing food.

Davide often engages in active dialogue with his patrons, sharing with them about his ideas, educating everyone who comes in the door in one way or another about the food, wine, people, music and traditions of Italy and especially his native Pompeii. Davide has an infectious and generous energy that keeps people coming back. His enthusiasm about his culture is portrayed in a myriad of ways including the musicians he selects to perform, the late night outdoor Italian movies in the courtyard, his choice of intelligent and dedicated staff, his generosity of spirit, and most of all his delicious and authentic Cucina Napoletana.